I had the privilege of decluttering via a virtual session with Yuko. She was able to quickly identify which area of my living space I felt to be most troublesome and offered to start there; for me this was my closet (or closets I should say!). Yuko’s warm personality put me at ease immediately. Not only is Yuko kind, caring and genuine, but she is also respectfully professional and extremely knowledgeable in fun, easy, and realistic ways to declutter. She was effortlessly able to personalize the session and was sensitive to how I was feeling throughout the session. At the end I had a pile of undecided clothes that Yuko suggested I try on and she provided feedback on each article. Thanks to Yuko I was able to purge a lot of clothes that were weighing me down and have fun while doing it!
— A., Nova Scotia
Having working systems for key areas of my business has greatly improved efficiency and opened up more time for me to spend on other areas of my business that were suffering as a result of not having enough time. My business is now achieving goals more easily, and profits are up too.
— A. H., Nova Scotia