Capsule wardrobe building for professionals

Do you want to have an easier time picking up your outfit in the morning? Let me help you create a capsule wardrobe to improve your morning routine! The capsule wardrobe building package includes a half-day virtual closet decluttering session and a follow-up. 

The capsule wardrobe building package includes a half-day virtual closet decluttering session and a follow-up. 

Not ready to jump in? Book a 30-min consultation ($5) which is 100% redeemable if you decide to get the Capsule wardrobe building package. 

Closet purging (up to 5 hours):

Step 1: Initial consultation--Establish your goal

We will connect virtually via Skype or Google Hangouts and discuss what you want to achieve.

What are the things that you want to change about your current wardrobe? Do you have too many clothes that are underutilized? Are your clothes in different styles making them hard to mix and match? Do you own a lot of clothes that don't fit you? 

Step 2: Go through every item in your closet

We will stay connected via Google Hangouts or Skype. We will separate clothes that you don't wear (e.g., too small/large, in bad shape) and rarely wear (e.g., ill-fitting, not comfortable, lifestyle mismatch) from what you regularly wear. 

You don't need to toss items that you don't wear at this time. (You can, of course, if you want to!) You can keep them in a separate location for now and come back to it after a predetermined duration, up to one year. 

You should also be mindful of pieces that require special care, e.g., dry cleaning, hand wash, ironing. If you rarely wear these items because of the effort it takes to look after them then you may want to let them go. 

Step 3: Fashion show time

You will have some pieces that you're not sure if you want to keep or not. Let's try them on and see how you feel about it. We can also explore new ways to mix and match items you decided to keep. Let's have some fun!

Find your style

I ask you to stop shopping for at least a month after your closet purge. During this time, I want you to think about what your fashion style is. 

There should be a clue in the clothes you kept. You probably like a certain color, fit, and material. What are those? Do you dress casual, dressy, feminine, edgy, quirky or something else? Do you like natural or synthetic material? Do you like a loose or body-hugging fit?

Come up with a style rule to guide your clothes shopping after the hiatus. For example, any new pieces must go with at least three items you already have. 


A month after our closet decluttering session, I will connect with you via email to see how you are. 

You can always email me to ask questions or just to let me know how things are at any time. I'd love to hear about your progress; conversely, if you are having some issues, I would like to help you find solutions. 

Do you have any question? Email me at

Here is what one of my clients said about the service:

"I had the privilege of decluttering via a virtual session with Yuko.  She was able to quickly identify which area of my living space I felt to be most troublesome and offered to start there; for me this was my closet (or closets I should say!).  Yuko’s warm personality put me at ease immediately.  Not only is Yuko kind, caring and genuine, but she is also respectfully professional and extremely knowledgeable in fun, easy, and realistic ways to declutter.  She was effortlessly able to personalize the session and was sensitive to how I was feeling throughout the session.  At the end I had a pile of undecided clothes that Yuko suggested I try on and she provided feedback on each article.  Thanks to Yuko I was able to purge a lot of clothes that were weighing me down and have fun while doing it!" -  A., Nova Scotia

When you're ready to proceed with the order, click on the "add to cart" button, and a form will pop up where you will enter your preferred appointment date for the initial consultation. 

Refund Policy

If you are not 100% satisfied with my service, let me know within seven days of your wardrobe decluttering session, and I will fully refund the cost of your order. 

If you have any question, don't hesitate to message me:

Please note that all prices are in US Dollars.