The best, free Quickbooks tutorials for people with no bookkeeping background

So, by now it's obvious that I am a huge Quickbooks Online fan. I love its clean and non-intimidating interface, the ease to connect to your online banking accounts, great customer service, etc. It helped me to be in control of my own (or my husband's company's to be more accurate) finances, even without having a formal bookkeeping training. 

(It's probably still a good idea to consult your accountant or bookkeeper when you're not 100% sure of what you're doing. Oh, and I don't get any compensation for being a Quickbooks evangelist. I'm not an affiliate.)

Today, I collected links to the best and the most useful Quickbooks tutorial websites. We'll begin with the Quickbooks official website. 

Best free Quickbooks tutorials

The official page with all tutorials

Here are links to the web pages that list all tutorials

If you're new to Quickbooks, start with this short video

Enter your business info

Connect your Quickbooks accounts to your business's online banking accounts

How to create an invoice

How to record expenses

Other useful websites

A very comprehensive list of easy-to-follow video tutorials from Fit Small Business. Very high quality. Watch all 39 videos for a good solid understanding of Quickbooks or just pick the lessons that cover your area of interest. 

If you'd rather read instructions rather than watch videos, try this website

There you go. That should cover the most if not all of your Quickbooks related questions. You can also get additional info by visiting the Quickbooks community (make sure to select the location by clicking on the flag icon) or by contacting their very helpful customer service. 

Happy bookkeeping!