How to build your own website when you're tech-challenged 2

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Yes, you can totally build your website even if you were broke or terrible with techy stuff. Today, we continue where we left off last week to look at how to build your own website on Squarespace. 

How to create a website with Squarespace part 2


Photo 1

Photo 1

From your main page, click on Settings which will bring you to a new page with lots of items in the left panel. Let's go over them one by one. 


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Photo 2

Business information
Under general, double click on Business information which will bring up a new left side panel. Enter your business information here. 

Back to the main Settings panel, now click on Regional below Business information. Here you can set up your language and time zone. 

Don't worry about Permissions right now. 

Billings & account
Come back to this panel when you're ready to sign up with Squarespace after your trial is over. 


Now, let's move on to the next group of items under Website

Photo 3

Photo 3

Basic information
Select site type from the drop-down menu. Add site description if you like. I personally have mine left blank. Leave allow Squarespace promotion checked if you won't mind getting some free promotion. 

Your Squarespace comes with a built-in domain, but it includes at the end. If you want to get a custom URL, you need to buy a separate domain. 

Photo 4

Photo 4

You could click on get a domain on the page, but it's more expensive to buy it from Squarespace. So, google "buy a domain" or something along the line and shop around. I personally buy mine at since they always seem to be having a sale. 

To transfer your third party domain to Squarespace, read this instruction. It's a bit technical, so if you're uncomfortable, solicit a help of your techy friend. 

Lots of people use a free email address such as for their business. But if you want a custom email address that includes your custom domain site you can get a professional address provided by Google through Squarespace. When I signed up, the first year was free. Thereafter, I will be charged $50/year if I pay annually. 

Connected accounts
Here you can connect your website with your social media accounts. 

Share buttons: select the platforms that you want your website visitors to share your contents. 

Pin it buttons: This is specific to Pinterest. If you want people to share your photos on Pinterest, enable this option. 

FaceBook page:  To connect with FB page.

Google Adwords Credit: You'll get a $100 Google AdWords credit with a Squarespace Business or Commerce subscription. 

Search engine description: Describe your website in 160 words or less. Read this page for more info. 

Also here is additional info regarding SEO. 

Honestly, I don't get SEO. 

Here you can specify your blog's comment settings, enter your Disqus shortname and to enable accelerated mobile pages. You should enable AMP

Security & SSL
The default is "secure" and I'd leave it as is unless you have a good reason to change it.

Here, you can disable or enable site-wide password. 

Let's not worry about Advanced section for now.


If you're selling goods and services on your website, then go over each item under this category. Squarespace let you use Stripe or Paypal to process payments. 

Each item under the Commerce section is pretty straightforward so I will refrain from commenting. 

Other items

So far, we have reviewed pages and settings menu from the main page. There are other three items, design, commerce, analytics plus a help section. 

Photo 5

Photo 5

Let's just briefly look at the remaining three menu items. 

Here you can customize the looks and feels of your

Photo 6

Photo 6

You can also change your template here under Template

Photo 7

Photo 7

The style editor will let you change the color, size, font for each of your pages. 

Photo 8

Photo 8

If you look at my website, you'll see that I have an Announcement bar enabled on top with the following description: Subscribe to our mailing list and get a short guide on how to get started on the cloud-based bookkeeping. 

This is where you keep track of your orders if you sell goods and services via your website. 

In this section, you can get some useful stats like how many people visited your website and your most popular content. It would be also a good idea to use Google Analytics for this purpose. It's free for anything with a google account. If you have a gmail account, you have a google account. 

OK, that should cover the basics of how to start building your website using Squarespace. It's a tedious process and might take some getting used to it especially if you're not used to doing this type of stuff. 

But hopefully, I was able to convey that it's not that difficult! 

Happy website building and thanks for reading.