No one can make you declutter: only you can

Well, hello again! It's been a while since my last blog post. I wish I could say that I was so busy that I had no time to update this website. But that's not what happened. I stopped writing because I had nothing useful to add to the current "decluttering/minimalism" discussion. 


While I was away, I was pondering upon the efficacy of one-sided decluttering tips (mine included).

  • Presentations that get you excited about decluttering until you get home and then you just slip back to your cluttered life. 
  • The weekly newsletter that sits in your inbox unopened.
  • Decluttering how-to books that are cluttering your coffee table.
  • That incessant tweets about minimalist living. 

Form my own experience, in order to learn something new: 1) you need to have the desire to master the concept; 2) you need to complete some exercises to deepen your understanding of the concept; 3) you need some help and encouragement.

A lot of people have the desire to declutter, but that's about it. And that's why they never start decluttering. Or if they start, they get discouraged and stop decluttering before the desired outcome is achieved.

The thing is that no one can make you declutter your home, work or life--only you can.

What can I do to turn on your decluttering switch without clogging your inbox or twitter feed? Good question and I don't have an answer to that. Perhaps I can start with updating my blog more frequently. 

Or you can head out to check out Uncluttered.

It's a 12-week online course by Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist. The program comes with videos, interviews, live webinars, live Q&As, articles as well as weekly challenges and super-engaged community to holds you accountable. 

The course registration opens on Friday, April 20 and ends on Sunday, April 29 so now is the best time to see if this is something that can help you. 

Get Uncluttered this spring. 

*Affiliate Disclosure — I earn a commission if you decide to sign up with Uncluttered using my link.